Photo: Brian Klimowski / Inspirational Light Photography

Summer 2024

Destination Dance!

Note all dance workshops are Monday through Thursday

Camps and workshops include FUN, snacks, crafts, games and dancing skills.

Week 1 June 3-6, 2024

  • In My Dance Era-ages 7-10. Taylor Swift fans unite for a fun filled week of dancing, singing and crafts full of glitter and glam.  Snacks provided with some pop star magic. Grab your bestie and enroll today or this one will sell out faster than the Eras tour!
  • Jazz Intensive-for ages 11+. Dancers will focus on turns, leaps, tricks and jazz progressions and choreography.  Turners or jazz shoes required.
  • Fairy Princess Dance Camp– this class is for ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Ignite your child’s imagination with this enchanting camp filled with dance, games, crafts and storytelling.  Snacks provided.
  • Ballet/pointe-this intermediate to advanced level class is for dancers 12+ who want to focus on their ballet technique with exercises at the barre, center floor work and progressions. Pointe shoes required.
  • Tap Workshop-this tap class is for dancers ages 9+ who want to jump start their tap-dancing skills or brush up on tap technique. Tap shoes required.

Week 2 June 10-15, 2024

  • Turns & Leaps-ages 11+. This class is for dancers who want to take their turns and leaping skills to a higher level of difficulty.  Turners or jazz shoes required.
  • Ballet & Lyrical-ages 7-10. Dancers will enhance their ballet technique and learn how to express the lyrics of songs with movement.  Ballet slippers or foot undies required.  Snack provided.
  • Trolls Dance Party- ages 3-6. Put your hair up and get ready to learn all the cool dance moves with this Troll inspired dance camp. Games, crafts, and activities will make for a fun week. Snacks provided.
  • Acrobatics-take on this action-packed class for dancers who want to increase their flexibility, agility, tumbling and beginning acro skills. Ages 7+
  • Lyrical Intensive- ages 13+ this class is for dancers who want to work on their style and flow with lyrical dancing. Combining the best of ballet and jazz, dancers will explore how to express their emotions through movement and dance.  Foot undies required.

Week 3 June 17-20, 2024

  • Broadway Stars-ages 7-10. Who wants to be a Broadway Star? This workshop will ignite your child’s passion for musical theater with dancing, singing, and acting. Get ready to shine onstage.  Snack provided.
  • Int/Adv. Acro Skills-this class is for dancers who already have a back bend pullup and a back bend kickover. Ages 10+
  • Bluey Dance Mode-age 3-6. Welcome to the Bluey world where dancers get to giggle, groove and dance like their favorite animated family.  Join us for whirlwind of fun as we learn Bluey inspired dance, games and crafts.  Snacks provided.
  • Hip Hop Intensive-ages 11+ this intensive will teach dancers the pinnacle of self-expression. Dancers will move across the floor with progressions, and style explorations of popping & locking, waving, gliding and free style. Hip hop sneakers required.
  • Contemporary Workshop-ages 15+. This workshop focuses on the contemporary style of dance incorporating aspects of modern dance. It is an expressive form of body-based movement and improvisation.


Week 4, June 2427, 2024

  • Jazz Funk Fusion-ages 10+ Also known as commercial dance, this dance combines jazz, hip hop and contemporary style dance skills and progressions. This type of dance is perfect for high energy dancing with smooth moves.  Dance Sneakers required.
  • Diva’s Dance Camp-ages 6+ Get ready to swirl, spin and dance your way into a magical world of imagination and creativity. This iconic camp is designed to bring to life through dance, music and fun.
  • Broadway Babies-ages 3-6. Come with us on a magical journey filled with song & dance and your child’s imagination. Your little star will shine bright on stage! Let’s create unforgettable memories together.  Snacks provided.
  • Pom Dance Team Prep-ages 9+ This dynamic camo is ideal for aspiring dancers who dream of one day dancing on their high school’s dance team. Dancers will learn skills required to dance on a team and how to dance with poms.  Poms provided.
  • Fosse Heels- ages 15+ Dancers will focus on the Broadway dance style of Bob Fosse. Black character shoes required.

Classes from Tues. Feb. 7, Wed. Feb. 8, and Thu. Feb. 9
will be made up on Sat. Apr. 6, Sat. Apr. 13, and Sat. Apr. 20.

Make-up Days for Snow Days in February:

Tuesday 2-6-24 will be made up on Saturday 4-6-24

Wednesday 2-7-24 will be made up on Saturday 4-13-24

Thursday 2-8-24 will be made up on Saturday 4-20-24

Classes will meet at their regular class times, except for company rehearsals and adult classes.

No make-ups for adult classes.

Company check the Band app.

Class descriptions

  • Classes are determined by age and ability.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Level classes, please check with Miss Rhonda for a list of prerequisite skills required for admission into that class.
  • Some classes are by audition only (Company, Tap Troupe and Hip Hop Team).
  • Complete class descriptions are on the Parent Portal.

Acrobatics (6+)
To learn flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and basic, tumbling skills.  No shoes are required.

Ballet (all ages)
Learning the discipline, terminology and technique required to become a ballet dancer. Ballet shoes required.

Contemporary (Jr. ages 9-12 and Teen 13+ College 18)
Integrates the styles of lyrical and modern jazz dance. No shoes are required.

Funky Jazz (Jr. ages 9-12/ Teen 13+)
Jazz progressions with a hip hop influenced style. Jazz shoes required. AKA: Commercial Dance.

Hip Hop (Primary 6-8, Jr. ages 9-12, Teen 13-17, College 18+)
Learning different styles of hip hop dance in an age, appropriate way. Hip Hop sneakers required.

Jazz (all ages)
Learn the stylized, upbeat movements of jazz. Tan jazz shoes required.

Lyrical (6-adult)
Interpreting the lyrics of a song through the movement of dance. Lyrical shoes required.

Musical Theater (ages 6-9)
Combining singing, acting and jazz dancing skills. Tan jazz shoes required.

PK Combo (ages 3-6)
This class will ignite your little dancer’s imagination utilizing dance progressions.

Pointe (admission by Ballet Director)
Dancing in pointe shoes while maintaining proper ballet technique. Must take a ballet class too.

Pre-Pointe (approval by Ballet Director) Ages 11+
Strengthening the feet and ankles to prepare for pointe shoes. Must take a ballet class too.

Tap (all ages)
Experience rhythms, syncopation and tap sounds. Black tap shoes required.