The Fall Semester will start Sept. 28 to December 10, 2020. Tuition fees are due the first week of dance classes. The Fall semester will only be 10 weeks this year. Remember that there are several ways to pay: 100% up front, 50% the first week of class and the balance due in November or monthly.



3:30-4:00Intro to AcrobaticsMiss Jill3-5C
4:00-5:00**Acrobatics 3Miss JillNAA
4:05-5:05Jr. JazzMiss Natasha9-12B
4:10-4:55NEW: Dance Team PrepMiss Delaney9+C
5:00-5:45NEW: ConditioningMiss Jill9+C
5:05-6:05**Int. JazzMiss NatashaNAA
5:05-6:05Jr. LyricalMiss Delaney9-12B
5:50-6:50Jr. Hip HopMiss Dani9-12C
6:10-7:40**Adv. Ballet (L5/6)Miss LoraNAA
6:10-7:10**Int. LyricalMiss LillyNAB
6:55-8:25**Adv. Hip HopMiss Dani11+B/C
7:30-8:30NEW: ContemporaryMiss Lilly15+C
7:40-8:40**Pointe 1 and 2Miss LoraNAA


3:30-4:00NEW: Creative MovementMiss Jill3+C
4:00-5:00**Acrobatics 2Miss JillNAA
4:05-4:35NEW: P & K TapMiss Gabbie3-5C
4:15-5:00Broadway JazzMiss Natasha7+B
4:40-5:10NEW: P & K JazzMiss Gabbie3-5C
5:05-5:50Acrobatics 1Miss Jill6+A
5:05-5:50Primary TapMiss Natasha6-8B
5:15-5:45Kinder Ballet (L1)Miss Gabbie5-6C
5:50-6:10PreK BalletMiss Gabbie4-5C
5:55-6:40*Co. JazzMiss CarolineNAB
6:05-7:05NEW: Modern JazzMiss Lilly13+A
6:25-7:25Teen Hip HopMiss Gabbie13+C
6:45-7:30Primary Ballet (L1/2)Miss Caroline6-8B
7:10-8:10Teen LyricalMiss Lilly13+A


4:00-5:30**Adv. LyricalMiss Caroline/NatashaNAA
4:05-4:35Preschool BalletMiss Delaney3-4C
4:10-4:55Primary LyricalMiss Natasha6-8B
4:40-5:10Kinder Ballet (L1)Miss Delaney5-6C
5:00-5:45Primary Ballet (L2)Miss Caroline6-8B
5:15-6:00Primary BebopMiss Dani6-8C
5:35-7:05**Adv. JazzMiss NatashaNAA
5:50-6:50**Jr./Int. Ballet (L3/4)Miss LoraNAB
6:05-7:35*Sr. Hip Hop TeamMiss DaniNAC
6:55-7:40NEW: Adult BalletMiss Lilly18+B
7:10-8:10*Ballet Corps (L5/6)Miss LoraNAA


4:00-4:30P & K BalletMiss Delaney3-5C
4:05-4:50Primary JazzMiss Gabbie6-8B
4:10-5:10Jr./Teen TapMiss Natasha9+A
4:35-5:05PreK BalletMiss Delaney4-5C
4:55-5:40Primary Musical TheaterMiss Gabbie6-8B
5:10-5:40P & K BebopMiss Kaylee3-5C
5:15-6:00NEW: ChoreographyMiss Natasha11+A
5:45-6:30*Mini Hip Hop TeamMiss KayleeNAC
6:05-7:05**Teen/Int. Ballet (L4/5)Miss Lilly12+A
6:05-7:05Musical TheaterMiss Natasha10+B
6:35-7:35*Hip Hop TeamMiss KayleeNAC
7:05-7:50*Pre PointeMiss LillyNAA
7:10-7:55**Adv. TapTBANAB

*Must audition for placement in this class.
**Advanced skills required.

Zoom Class IDs

  • Studio A: 948 515 4595
  • Studio B: 671 878 8139
  • Studio C: 368 662 5437

Studio Room Size Limits

  • Studio A: 15 dancers + 1 teacher
  • Studio B: 9 dancers + 1 teacher
  • Studio C: 6 dancers + 1 teacher

Minimum Class Requirements

  • 1 student = 30 min private lesson
  • 2 students = 45 min duo lesson
  • 3 or more = full class time

Basic Class Descriptions

Ballet (all ages)
Learning the discipline, terminology and technique required to become a ballet dancer. Ballet shoes required.

Pre-Pointe (approval by Ballet Director) Ages 10+
Strengthening the feet and ankles to prepare for pointe shoes. Must take a ballet class too.

Pointe (admission by Ballet Director) Ages 12+
Dancing in pointe shoes while maintaining proper ballet technique. Must take a ballet class too.

Tap (all ages)
Experience rhythms, syncopation and tap sounds. Tap shoes required.

Jazz (all ages)
Learn the stylized, upbeat movements of jazz. Tan jazz shoes required.

Lyrical (6-adult)
Interpreting the lyrics of a song through the movement of dance. Lyrical shoes required.

Contemporary (13-18)
Integrates the styles of lyrical and modern jazz dance. Lyrical shoes required.

Acrobatics (3 – Adult)
To learn flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and basic tumbling skills.

BeBop (ages 3-8) & Hip Hop (ages 9 – Adult)
Learning different styles of hip hop in an age appropriate way. Hip Hop sneakers required.

Musical Theater
Combining singing, acting and jazz dancing skills. Character shoes required.

Intermediate and Advanced Level classes, please check with Miss Rhonda for a list of prerequisite skills required for admission into that particular class.