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Class Schedule

You may view or print out the class schedule below:

Basic Class Descriptions

Ballet (all ages)
Learning the discipline, terminology and technique required to become a ballet dancer. Ballet shoes required.

Pre-Pointe (approval by Ballet Director) Ages 10+
Strengthening the feet and ankles to prepare for pointe shoes. Must take a ballet class too.

Pointe (admission by Ballet Director) Ages 12+
Dancing in pointe shoes while maintaining proper ballet technique. Must take a ballet class too.

Tap (all ages)
Experience rhythms, syncopation and tap sounds. Tap shoes required.

Jazz (all ages)
Learn the stylized, upbeat movements of jazz. Tan jazz shoes required.

Lyrical (6-adult)
Interpreting the lyrics of a song through the movement of dance. Lyrical shoes required.

Contemporary (13-18)
Integrates the styles of lyrical and modern jazz dance. Lyrical shoes required.

Acrobatics (3 - Adult)
To learn flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and basic tumbling skills.

BeBop (ages 3-8) & Hip Hop (ages 9 – Adult)
Learning different styles of hip hop in an age, appropriate way. Hip Hop sneakers required.

Cheer & Pom (Ages 9+)

Learn the basic skills of cheerleading and to dance with pom-poms. Jazz shoes required.

*New - Musical Theater
Combining singing, acting and jazz dancing skills. Character shoes required.  

*New - Dance Team Prep ( Ages 10+)

Learn skills needed to tryout for dance teams. Jazz shoes required.

*New - Funky Teen Jazz (Ages 13+)

Jazz progressions with a hip hop influenced style. Jazz shoes required.

Intermediate and Advanced Level classes, please check with Miss Rhonda for a list of prerequisite skills required for admission into that particular class.